We have all heard about Green tea as a powerhouse antioxidant but take a look at these additional health benefits!




1. ENERGY and ENDURANCE: In the past, researchers thought the energy boost from green tea was from the caffeine in matcha, but they found that it was actually the combination of matcha’s natural properties. It has been proven to increase physical endurance by 24%. This is most likely because of the natural rise in dopamine (things like aspertame are an excito-toxin which raises dopamine, but not without a cost…it over excites dopamine stores and causes depression; which is why you get addicted to diet soda).

2. WEIGHT LOSS: Matcha boosts metabolism and burns fat. It has been found to help burn 4 times more calories! Just by drinking/consuming macha! Even cooler, is that is it doesn’t raise blood pressure or heart rate like other scary weight loss products.

3. COLON HEALTH: The green color in matcha comes from chlorophyll; which is a powerful detoxifier and cleanser from the inside out. Chlorophyll eliminates metals and chemicals found in the liver and fat cells.

4. HORMONAL HEALTH: Green tea actually helps LOWER unhealthy estrogen, when black tea can raise it! High unhealthy estrogen leads to severe PMS, inability to lose belly fat, and more severe issues such as fibroids.

5. DIABETES: Green tea has polyphenols and fiber which help control blood sugar levels.

6. CALM ANXIETY: Even though it has caffeine, it also has the amino acid l-theanine, which promotes a state of relaxation and well-being by acting upon the brains functioning. Excess stress increases beta waves, causing an agitated state, where l-theanine creates alpha waves, leading  to a state of relaxed alertness; this naturally increases dopamine without over-exciting them. L-Theanine is found in all tea, BUT matcha has 5 times more than black teas and other green teas. L-Theanine also helps learning and memory.

7. CANCER: Matcha also has a special, unique antioxidant called catechins, which are only found in green tea leaves. The main ‘super power’ of catechin epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) is that it is a potent cancer-fighter. The catechins basically counteract the damage done by free radicals that form in our bodies due to chemicals, metals, UV rays, pollution, and radiation, which causes DNA and cellular damage.